Our 5 essentials for hospitals and social media

Yes, there are more guidelines to follow than that if a hospital wants to use social media channels. But we consider these 5 the most important once you get started.

  • Be nice: Don’t just try to sell. Your (potential) customers  might also be (potential) patients. Consider that and show some real interest in people and their stories. If that’s true for you, your statements will always come across truthfully.
  • Be visual: People love vivid pictures and clear visuals and don’t forget: “One picture is worth ten thousand words”. Don’t save on the quality there. Anything else will just look rather sleazy and unprofessional. Which brings us the next point:
  • Be professional: Try to avoid as many mistakes as you can. We’re talking about orthography, a logical structure and appropriate pictures.
  • Be quick: React promptly and continuative on user comments, no matter if it’s praise or objection.
  • Take ownership: Request immediate ownership for automatically created profiles in the (sometimes even wrongly spelled) name of your hospital on different channels like Facebook, Linkedin etc. Get rid of the false information and bad pictures any user could have added. Like that, everybody can see that you’re taking care of the social media presence.

Last but not least: Don’t forget the personal contact, It means even though you have started using social media for the hospital, keep in mind that personal contact can not only expand but also deepen your (digital) network.