Health 2.0 Barcelona

Take a look at HEALTHINAR’s trip to Barcelona and taking part in the Health 2.0 conference in Barcelona: Watch the story here.

The Health 2.0 conferences really are the place to be if you are interested in patient-provider communication, consumer health, data analytics and healthcare tech. All this was shown in exciting panels and more than 50 demos. Some interesting examples were:

– iRCP:

– Hospital Simulation by Attensi:

– Simplifying diagnostics my MESI:

– with their virtual nurse Molly:

– The mobile wound management tool Wounddesk:

And of course we were also very impressed by the Jessica Feder, Chief Digital Officer at Bayer and the Grants4Apps Accelerator-Programme, check it our here:

However, they were many more impressive demos and panels, we would like to thank them and of course to the awesome organisation of Health 2.0. See you all next year the latest!