Interview with Doris Brandenberger, Initiator of MediCongress

Deutsche Version des Interviews mit Doris Brandenberger

On 3 September 2015 the second edition of Swiss Healthcare & Branding Conference will take place in Zurich. Fascinating discussions around issues of marketing and communication will examine the positioning of healthcare brands in a digital world. Maurice Codourey of team HEALTHINAR will participate as moderator. We asked Doris Brandenberger-Krauer, initiator of the congress, about her motivation and the objectives of the event.

Mrs Brandenberger-Krauer, what was your motivation to initiate the congress two years ago and what are the objectives of this year’s edition?
In many hospitals, marketing related issues have been treated as a minor priority or not at all. The introduction of DRG has changed the competitive landscape of healthcare organisations and pro-active marketing has become increasingly relevant. Every organisation has to generate leads and do their own patient acquisition today. Because of these issues we started the first Healthcare & Branding Conference in 2013. Our aim is to equip the participants with some hands-on knowledge and techniques to improve their marketing activities. The congress is also an import networking platform for marketing professionals in the healthcare sector; an exchange between equal-minded people.

Which topics and issues will be discussed at the congress?
MediCongress will be about healthcare brands in a digital world. The focus will lie on topics like: How do I react to a shit storm?, Which challenges and influences will digitalisation have on hospital management? How to handle issues and legal requirements around patients 60+. An upcoming challenge is the integration of traditional and innovative marketing tools and how to smartly adapt them towards the own organisation and the patients.

Which relevance does Digital Healthcare currently have in Switzerland and how will this evolve in your opinion?
There are still many hospitals in Switzerland that do not position themselves within the digital healthcare market and also currently do not use digital marketing instruments. An efficient and professional marketing concept should integrate these possibilities and also use social media channels in order to be successful in the future. It is also important to think about positioning and possibilities of evaluation. That’s why we invite everyone who is active in this area to join us on 3 September 2015 and to discuss these issues with us. We are looking forward to receive lots of input, questions and requests from the participants, which we will then assess together with our renowned speakers at the annual conference.