Healthinar @ “Siri, Cortana, Alexa, Marcus. Do bots really need a gender?”

Gender stereotypes are a persistent feature in society, so it is not unsurprising that these are still perpetuated in the artificial intelligence bots that have been produced over the years. According to a Maxus Survey in 2016, although 56% of gendered bots are female, 100% of Law bots and a majority of Finance bots are male. Yet most virtual personal assistants are female. It is clear that the utilisation of bots to complete routine tasks is a growing phenomenon that will continue to pervade people’s daily lives. Therefore, in our increasingly inclusive society, where equality and diversity are celebrated and stereotypes are often disrupted, there are hard questions that have to be answered: Should bots be assigned a gender? Or should gender be taken out of the equation completely? Join in the discussion as we uncover trends and development, share with you real examples and hear your views on this issue.


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