Who we are

Our team – international and diverse

Joy Mathieu (based in Zürich and worldwide)
Responsibilities: General Management & Business Development,
Partnerships & Network

Special Interests: Innovation & customer centricity enthusiast, loves connecting not only the dots but also the right people
My credo: Do something you’re afraid of every day!

Evgeniya Jung (based in Zürich and Russia)
Responsibilities: Content Creative with focus digital Health & patient focus
Special interests: Social media and communications, international cooperation, writing, language learning and teaching methods
References: 3 things patients expect from hospitals on social media, My therapy – a smart app solution for medication control, The best app for digital diabetes care – Glucose buddy vs. Mysugr
My credo: Never be afraid to take a risk if you want to succeed

Aisha Schnellmann (based in Zürich and Singapore)
Responsibilities: Community Catalyst & Digital Content Creative
Special interest: Inclusion- & diversity-passionate  and tech-curious
References: “Siri, Cortana, Alexa, Marcus. Do bots really need a gender?”, Can women and girls rock digital tech? We believe they can, Going digital lets you play doctor
My credo: Life is either a great adventure or nothing.

Ioana Vasiloiu (based in Bucharest)
Responsibilities: Content Creative with focus international health systems
& social media
References: The “Big Fish” of Romania’s Private Healthcare System Startups and Business Incubators in Romania: A development into the future?

Our focus

  • international
  • digital
  • innovative
  • with a broad range of companies, start-ups & providers

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